RF Martin: Pixilated Obsidian Roses

May 24, 2016 @ 12:00 am

This week, we sit down with RF Martin, author of the Lovecraft inspired cosmic horror Pixilated Obsidian Roses. He talks about his writing, chess playing, love of music, and so much more. It was a real treat to sit down with him, and discuss this book. 

The Rundown

Open - MJ talks about the Ghostbusters/Sexism controversy, and basically tells both sides to shut up. Also, Bane and MJ discuss a "coat check" for cell phones. Million dollar idea? 


My Kinda Crazy - Rubber Clown Car
Reality - 00tz_00tz
Dancing with Her Ghost - Autumn in Helen

Indie Spotlight - The Fangoria Chainsaw awards were announced this week. Also, updates on Zombie with a Shotgun, and a nod to Scares that Care.


At Night I am the Warmest - Calabrese
The Demon I loved - My Own Sorrow
Your Sacrifice - Lucan Wolf

Interview with RF Martin


I'm Cursed - The Raygun Girls
Leather Heart - A Fallen Mind
Funeral Mute - Karen Stever
Le Funk - Vanilla Wafa

Close - Bane and MJ come up with another million dollar idea, the e-autograph. Also, discussion of the CW's, ABC's, and CBS's fall lineups.

Total Running time: 1:46

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