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Bex Martz-Burley, Demon Monkey Craft

February 19, 2018 @ 4:27 am

This is our Bloody Valentine's Day episode, just a little late..  Still continuing our tribute and celebration of Women In Horror Month, with a great interview with Bex Martz-Burley, a Horror Cross Stitch Artist, who loves Bruce Campbell and The Evil Dead and she's also an author now about Horror Cross Stitch Art, "Evill Dead II: The Book of The Thread"!

There is also a list of Horror Movies that say I Hate Valentine's Day, Horror Movies that have women in Power Roles and not victims..  Bane and MJ's Movie Reviews of CatchMeKillMe Productions' short horror films, Fireside Tales and Monkey Farm


Calabrese - Born With a Scorpion's Touch

Karen Stever - Green

Jules Marie - As Long As Its Dark

SugarPlum Suicide - Burn Me Alive


CatchMeKillMe Productions

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Bex Martz - Burley: Demon Monkey Craft Website

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Xander Turian

February 9, 2018 @ 5:40 am

This week, Xander Turian (Our Untold Story, Sargad, Rotten Love, etc.) sits down with us and talks about acting, music, and a mirad of other things. A quick warning, this podcast is VERY NSFW, so if you have little ones, listen to it when they're asleep. He also talks about graduating from film school and going on tour with Our Untold Story, to support their new debut feature length album, “My Dreams, My Rules."


Also on the podcast, Calling All Astronauts has a new single out, covering Gary Numan's classic "Are 'Friends' Electric?"


This didn't make the podcast, due to Matt's microphone issues, but Grave Intentions has announced a new contest, where the winner will recieve $500 and will have their work shot to go in their anthology set. You can find out more about it, here:

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Hilton Ariel Ruiz

February 1, 2018 @ 1:51 pm

This week, Hilton Ariel Ruiz sit down and talk his new project 6.6.66, and updates ZOmbie with a Shotgun. Also, is there a sequel in the works? Find out. Bane also talks about the documentry called "Fredheads," and MJ talks "Werehouse."


Also, usually, I don't get personal in the shownotes, but as of last week, we ran out of money and our Live 365 account has been deactivated. We really hope you will support us on either Pateron or Maker Support. We really need your help.




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