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EMZT Radio 5: HP Lovecraft and Politics?

August 23, 2014 @ 6:25 pm

Well, the first "special" is in the books, yet Bane and MJ get political at the start. Plus, they may have some homicial thoughts about who goes to the theater these days. 

Wednesday was H.P. Lovecraft's Birthday. So, Bane and MJ celebrate the horror writer's life. Plus, The Re-Animator is the classic movie of the week. All this and more.
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EMZT Radio 4: Uhhhh What?

August 16, 2014 @ 11:06 pm

EMZT Radio 4 is ready to go! Bane and MJ give their tributes to Robin Williams. 

American Horror Story announced more cast member this week. Bane and MJ break it down, while MJ worries that this season might be asking for too much perfection. Plus, MJ has a crush on Jessica Lange. 
Plus, Bane and MJ were a wee bit perplexed about a story that came out earlier this week, that suggests Daryl Dixon might be gay. Basically, MJ and Bane just tells people that there's more to worry about, than a fictional character's sexuality.
Once again, the gang digs into the silent archives for the classic movie of the week. This time it's Faust. 
All this, plus MJ takes on the...NFL?
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EMZT Radio 3: The Fall Season

August 9, 2014 @ 6:43 pm
Bane and MJ get their hands on SyFy's fall lineup, and the lineup for the 31 Days of Halloween. MJ tells us more about Z Nation, and why Cheetah killing was in the movie Road Trip. 
Robert Englund has a new movie coming out called The Last Showing, and MJ is a little excited over it. Also, MJ explains why October 7th is a huge day in his life (hint: it has something to do with DVDs.). 
Our classic horror film of the week is Vertigo. Bane and MJ discuss this, and why The Birds was overrated. What's your favorite Hichcock movie of all time? Let Bane and MJ know. 
All of this, plus books, Asian horror coming to America, Hemlock Grove, and much more. 

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EMZT Radio 2: The Comic-Con Show

August 2, 2014 @ 11:11 pm

This week, it's all about Comic-Con, and the fall out. MJ and Bane discuss The Walking Dead, AHS: Freakshow, and Harry Potter with a new movie. See what the two thought about not being at Comic Con.

So, did you take part in the Tweetnado? MJ did, he talks about the fun of Tweeting during Sharknado 2. We think he's a bit too excited. 

This week's classic movie of the week is Nosferatu (1922). Bane and MJ discuss this cinema classic. MJ even turns into THAT GUY with his strong opinions. 
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